Add a Pop of Color With Bright Lamps

Colorful living room with lime green lamp

We’ve used our DesignSourceCT blog to share several interior lighting trends, and since proper illumination plays such an important role in designing the perfect space, we wanted to talk about another way to introduce a light source to a room that also makes a statement. Straying from the traditional dull colored metal lamp base and opting for one in a bolder color can help add some character and personality to any room. Houzz shares some inspirational ways that you can blend (or accentuate) a room’s decor with colorful lamps.

Adding a juicy lime green lamp is ideal for a room that already features some subtle green hues, and incorporating a bright colored lamp into a more subdued room can help make those greens, that were formerly in the background, (in artwork or in a fabric, for example) more prominent.

Just because you want to add a colorful lamp to a room does not necessarily mean that it has to be a bright color. In fact, selecting a slightly brighter color for your lamp base can help add a sense of softness to the room.

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