Add a Touch of Africa With the Right Artifacts

For those that desire to add a cultural flare to their homes, incorporating a collection of items that are native to a particular country is one way to accomplish this. Not only will it help to personalize the home, but it may also inspire conversation.

african artifact accents

An article on��Houzz recently discussed this very topic offered some ideas on some good cultural pieces to include from Africa. Not only can this result in a cohesive decorating scheme on its own, African artifacts can add some nice accents to more modern interiors as well. Here are some ways to add a touch of Africa to any design space:

  • African artifacts can work well in even a sleek and modern space. A unique accent for a wall in this type of space could include a great feather headdress native to the region.
  • Africa is known for its unique fabrics, and the geometric patterns and colors used on the Kuba cloth of Zaire would be perfect for a throw blanket or pillow cover.
  • Hand carved African wooden stools can help to add texture and a decorative accent to any room.

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