Advantages of Custom Shutters

new england shutter mills

Custom shutters by New England Shutter Mills

As of lately have you been contemplating changing the design of your current window treatments lately? If so DesignSourceCT would like to share the idea of installing custom shutters. Shutters are best in high traffic areas because they can easily be manipulated by almost anyone if need be. The other advantages of custom shutters include:

  • They are customized to fit the design of your room down to the color, style, length and width.
  • They increase energy efficiency by serving as an extra layer of insulation, and they protect your furnishings from fading by serving as a UV blocker.
  • They increase the value of your home if the right style, color and design are chosen creating an aesthetically pleasing view.
  • They provide privacy and can easily be controlled to open or close.
  • They are low maintenance, they only need to be wiped with a damp cloth periodically.

Visit the DesignSourceCT�� showroom to see our selection of custom shutters to add to the windows of your home.

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