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Five Great Interior Design Colors

Homeowners often have a difficult time selecting the ideal paint colors for their home, and rightfully so, considering that they will probably be looking at their chosen colors on a daily basis for years to come. We have talked about some of the most stylish color trends of the year, and to offer further inspiration, here are five more great interior design colors to consider:

  • Gray: Gray has got to be one of the hottest color trends that we have seen throughout 2013, and this without a doubt will continue into 2014. Variations in this shade can either add a sense of drama or relaxation to a room.
  • Orange: While you may be skeptical to paint an entire room orange, this is a great choice for an accent wall to really warm up a space.
  • Yellow: Create a cheerful environment that instantly brightens up a room with yellow. Consider pairing this color with bright blues or grays.
  • Green: Create a smooth transition between indoor and outdoor entertaining spaces with green.
  • White: When used correctly with complimentary colors, white can make an incredibly striking statement.

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Looking for a Focal Point? Try One of These

Every well-designed room should have a focal point, but with so many possibilities to choose from, this is not always an easy task. For inspiration, here are several interior design trends that could be used as the focal point to build a room around:

  • Fireplace: A fireplace naturally creates a focal point in a room, and the way that you position your furniture can further enhance this point of interest. You may also want to consider incorporating the color of the materials used on the fireplace into other elements used in the room, such as fabrics and paint colors.
  • Artwork: Sometimes all you need is a perfectly positioned painting to create a point of interest in a room. When selecting artwork to serve this purpose, it's important to consider both the size and tone of the piece. For example, bold pieces look good with neutral walls and furniture and vice versa.
  • View: For those that prefer a more minimalist, contemporary design, keep things simple and let the view do all the work. This is especially true for urban condos that feature floor to ceiling glass windows and great city views.

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Craftsman Style Touches for Your Home

If you take a drive around town to some of the newer developments, you will notice that the Craftsman style architecture is really making a comeback. This era of design dates back to 1901 to 1925 and placed emphasis on function while still using carefully selected materials for construction. We are seeing Craftsman style touches both inside and outside of the home these days, here's how best to incorporate this style:

craftsman style home design
  • Simple, clean lines: When selecting accessories or considering the addition of architectural detailing for the home's interior, make a point to steer clear of complicated, ornate pieces.
  • Lighting: The lighting fixtures used during the Craftsman period were very straightforward and designed with function in mind, so select chandeliers and fixtures that are in basic shapes (squares, rectangles, etc) and are made of glass, iron, or bronze.
  • Tiling: Handcrafted tiling is a signature of the Craftsman style, but keep in mind that the authentic tile from this period can cost a pretty penny. A more affordable way to achieve this look is to engage a local craftsman to attempt to replicate the tile.

For more about interior design trends during this era, contact us at DesignSourceCT.

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Home Design Trends to Watch Out For

At DesignSourceCT, we like to keep our clients in the loop with the latest interior design trends. Here is what we have seen a lot of in 2013 and anticipate that these looks and styles will continue into the new year:

  • Antique brass: While in the past people rushed to update their old and outdated brass fixtures in the home, antique brass has certainly made a comeback, most particularly in hardware and embellishments.
  • Bleached floors: In recent years, the stain on hardwood flooring has continued to get darker; however, there has been an uptick this year in the number of people the desire lighter woods for flooring and cabinetry.
  • Stripes and geometrics: Jazz up a more neutral space by introducing some bold patterns like stripes and geometrics, and don't be afraid to limit these patterns to throw pillows.
  • Wrapped furniture: For those on a budget, a great DIY project to give any space a stylish update is to wrap furniture in a linen, grass cloth, or other unique texture.
  • Weathered countertops: Don't be afraid to incorporate some distressed countertops in the kitchen that already appear to have some wear and tear.

Please contact us at DesignSourceCT for more interior design trends.

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Tips for Decorating Smart and Slow

When moving into a new home or making the decision to give an existing space a makeover, one of the biggest mistakes that many people make is rushing to design the space versus taking things slowly to ultimately design a room that they truly love. In addition to allotting plenty of time to find the perfect��pieces that really complete a room's style, taking a slower approach to interior design is often more budget friendly as well.

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Here are several great reasons why it pays off to decorate both smart and slow:

  • Most people have experienced buyer's remorse at one point or another when decorating their homes, and taking the time to pinpoint exactly what you are looking for can save you a lot of time, effort, money, and headaches. Take advantage of free tools like Pinterest and Houzz��to create virtual pin boards of interior design styles that inspire you.
  • Consider multi-functional pieces, such as side tables that could also function as a coffee table, and opt for colors that go well with everything.
  • Instead of buying cheap��disposable furniture, wait until you can afford a quality piece that you really want.

For more interior design tips, contact us at DesignSourceCT.