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Small Remodeling Touches With a Big Impact

While many people would like to make some modifications to their home's interior design, they are hesitant to do so as they feel it would be an expensive venture. For those that desire a change but don't want to break the bank, there are some small and affordable remodeling touches that can be made that will make a tremendous impact:

throw cushions as a small remodel
In the Kitchen: There is nothing more annoying than drawers that loudly slam shut, causing the contents inside of them to become cluttered. Instead, you can have soft-close hinges installed on your drawers. ��Another easy add to your kitchen is to install task lighting underneath cabinetry. Not only can this make early morning or late evening food prep easier, but can improve the overall ambiance of the room as well. In the Living Room: Are you sick of your plain old living room? Instead of running out and buying new furniture, simply pick up some new throw pillows and decorative blankets. As the cooler weather rolls in, you'll be glad to snuggle up with your new faux fur blanket. For more easy and inexpensive interior design tips, contact us at DesignSourceCT.  

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Add a Touch of Africa With the Right Artifacts

For those that desire to add a cultural flare to their homes, incorporating a collection of items that are native to a particular country is one way to accomplish this. Not only will it help to personalize the home, but it may also inspire conversation.

african artifact accents
An article on��Houzz recently discussed this very topic offered some ideas on some good cultural pieces to include from Africa. Not only can this result in a cohesive decorating scheme on its own, African artifacts can add some nice accents to more modern interiors as well. Here are some ways to add a touch of Africa to any design space:
  • African artifacts can work well in even a sleek and modern space. A unique accent for a wall in this type of space could include a great feather headdress native to the region.
  • Africa is known for its unique fabrics, and the geometric patterns and colors used on the Kuba cloth of Zaire would be perfect for a throw blanket or pillow cover.
  • Hand carved African wooden stools can help to add texture and a decorative accent to any room.
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Welcome Guests Right: Designing Your Entryway

The entryway of a home provides visiting guests with the first impression of a house, and for those that want their home to create a welcoming vibe, they should focus on the interior design of this room. All too often, this space becomes piled up with shoes, backpacks, and other pieces of everyday clutter, which can create a stressful environment as soon as one walks through the door. If this is not the look that you are going for, here are some entryway design solutions to welcome guests the right way:

Built-in furniture - mudroom entry
  • When coming up with the overall design of the space, consider what the homeowner uses the entryway for. For many, it's the home's command center. This means that organized shelving to neatly tuck away shoes, car keys, and incoming mail could prove to be very useful.
  • For those that don't want to have all of their goods (purses, keys, mail, etc) exposed to just anyone that walks through the door, utilizing some decorative boxes ��or baskets displayed on an entryway table is an ideal solution while still providing function.
  • Don't forget to be stylish. Remember, this is your client's first opportunity to make an impression!
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Add a Pop of Color With Bright Lamps

Colorful living room with lime green lamp
We've used our DesignSourceCT blog to share several interior lighting trends, and since proper illumination plays such an important role in designing the perfect space, we wanted to talk about another way to introduce a light source to a room that also makes a statement. Straying from the traditional dull colored metal lamp base and opting for one in a bolder color can help add some character and personality to any room. Houzz shares some inspirational ways that you can blend (or accentuate) a room's decor with colorful lamps. Adding a juicy lime green lamp is ideal for a room that already features some subtle green hues, and incorporating a bright colored lamp into a more subdued room can help make those greens, that were formerly in the background, (in artwork or in a fabric, for example) more prominent. Just because you want to add a colorful lamp to a room does not necessarily mean that it has to be a bright color. In fact, selecting a slightly brighter color for your lamp base can help add a sense of softness to the room. To learn more about interior lighting trends, please contact us at DesignSourceCT.

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Hallway Harmony: Creating Visual Interest and Function

hallway with built-in bookshelves
Hallways play a critical role in the home connecting rooms together; however, they are often neglected when visual interest is concerned. Regardless of the size of the hallway that you're working with, Houzz shares some inspirational interior design trends that are ideal for making your hallways come alive:
  • Add a pop of color to your hallway and elongate the space with a rug that features horizontal shapes in a variety of colors. A long runner that goes the entire length of the hallway can make a dramatic impact in a narrow space.
  • Hallways are the ideal space to display pictures. For some, this may mean using identical frames and matting to feature black and white family photos. For others that prefer less uniformity, an eclectic mix of frames is the perfect opportunity to show off some personality and an artistic vibe.
  • Plenty of storage space can go a long way in positively affecting a home's market value, and hallways can become more functional spaces when bookcases or custom cabinetry are built into the walls.
For more hallway decorating tips and ways that you can add visual interest and functionality to this space, please contact us at DesignSourceCT.