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Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer

[caption id="attachment_74" align="alignright" width="270" caption="Interior design by Kirsten Floyd"]Kirsten floyd[/caption] Are you looking to revamp the interior design of your home, but think hiring a professional designer is out of your budget so you are going to attempt to do it on your own? Chances are you will probably spend and waste more money by trying to decorate your home on your own. And all the money you spent could have gone towards an experienced professional who is capable of capturing your personality through design. Interior designers are beneficial for a multitude of reasons. A professional interior designer has a degree or certificate in design, along with experience as their backbone. [caption id="attachment_75" align="alignleft" width="312" caption="Interior design by Richard Ott"]Richard Ott[/caption] Because a qualified designer will know the correct questions to ask you during your consultation, they can adequately visualize and create a design specific to your needs. Professional designers also have special access items that are strictly available to the trade. Instead of making costly design mistakes on your own, hire a professional designer to assist you in creating an environment that reflects your personal taste. To inquire about our in-house designers Kirsten Floyd or Richard Ott call DesignSourceCT at 888-486-8950.

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Advantages of Custom Shutters

[caption id="attachment_67" align="alignright" width="331" caption="Custom shutters by New England Shutter Mills"]new england shutter mills[/caption] As of lately have you been contemplating changing the design of your current window treatments lately? If so DesignSourceCT would like to share the idea of installing custom shutters. Shutters are best in high traffic areas because they can easily be manipulated by almost anyone if need be. The other advantages of custom shutters include:

  • They are customized to fit the design of your room down to the color, style, length and width.
  • They increase energy efficiency by serving as an extra layer of insulation, and they protect your furnishings from fading by serving as a UV blocker.
  • They increase the value of your home if the right style, color and design are chosen creating an aesthetically pleasing view.
  • They provide privacy and can easily be controlled to open or close.
  • They are low maintenance, they only need to be wiped with a damp cloth periodically.
Visit the DesignSourceCT�� showroom to see our selection of custom shutters to add to the windows of your home.

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The Beauty of Hand Painted Wallpaper

In previous years homeowners and designers have shied away from using wallpaper given the rumors floating around of them not being in style. The notion of wallpaper not being in style couldn't be any further from the truth. Today's selection of wallpapers is more diverse and creative than ever. Take hand painted wallpaper for example. Hand painted wallpaper is the epitome of having a unique interior design. The utmost thought and precision flow through each yard and no two designs are exactly alike whether in the same collection or not. One of our favorite vendors of hand painted wallpaper is de Gournay. With each of their wallpaper designs de Gournay strives to produce a happy, vibrant and peaceful environment in your home that you will forever appreciate and admire. Their beautiful designs were recently featured on the good bones, great pieces blog by mother and daughter team Suzanne and Lauren McGrath who love wallpaper's ability to transform a room. Take a look the beauty of hand painted wallpaper...

Images from de Gournay

Do you like the beauty of the hand painted wallpaper designs by de Gournay? Call DesignSourceCT today for more information!

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Using Floor Runners in Other Rooms

Have you ever been flipping through a home magazine and wished you could recreate the exact same thing in your home, or something similar? Well you can! While flipping through this month's issue of House Beautiful we came across the article "Floor Runners for Every Room". The article displayed 10 modern rugs that don't have to be confined only to the hallway because they are runners, but are perfect for bathrooms, bedrooms, or even the kitchen. One of the chosen rugs was the Chloe Rug by Company C. Here at DesignSourceCT we are the exclusive Lifestyle Program dealer for Company C in Connecticut. The Chloe rug features a design of large-scale Art Nouveau flowers repeated in an allover damask-like pattern available in pewter or copper. The hand-tufted wool and viscose runner also features shimmering rayon yarn, which gives it a subtle burnished metallic patina, for a sophisticated, modern effect. The runner is sized 2'6" x 8" but available in other sizes to be used as rugs. To inquire further about the Chloe Rug call or visit DesignSourceCT! [caption id="attachment_53" align="aligncenter" width="294" caption="Copper"]Chloe rug by Company C[/caption] [caption id="attachment_54" align="aligncenter" width="291" caption="Pewter"]Chloe rug by Company C[/caption]

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Floral Fabric Interpretation Display by Ruth Loiseau

What do you get when a master floral designer comes across a beautiful and inspiring piece of fabric? An intricate, over-sized silk flower interpretation by Connecticut based floral designer Ruth Loiseau of Ruth L Designs in Suffield. In addition to providing her services for clients throughout New England and the Mid-Atlantic states, Loiseau is an Art of Floral Design lecturer. She has also shared her talents with various presidential administrations and is currently employed by the White House Flower Shop for special events for the Obama Administration. The inspiring fabric Loiseau chose for her interpretation was from none other than a DesignSourceCT favorite, Lee Jofa. Specifically, the fabric is Lee Jofa Dotted Pleat in Wedgewood 2010107-5 from the Oscar de la Renta Home collection; which is available through interior designers at DesignSourceCT. Take a look at Loiseau's work that was on display in our showroom and a swatch of the actual fabric...

Ruth Loiseau floral interpreatation of Oscar de la Renta fabriclee-jofa-dotted-pleat