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Accessories for the Bathroom

Accessories are ideal for the bathroom; however, people tend to view this space as a more practical one and therefore often don't consider dressing this room up. Since we often begin and end our days in the bathroom, it's about time we start making this space a more pleasant place to be.

  • While popular, free-standing tubs often lack practicality in that they don't offer a place to store soaps, towels, and other necessary items that you need for bathing. This provides an opportunity to introduce a unique towel stand and perhaps a stool to provide storage for these items while giving the room some personality and style.
  • You don't have to be a plain Jane with basic white towels. In fact, allowing colorful towels to play into your bathroom's color scheme can help make the room more lively.
  • Light plays an essential role in every room, and consider adding a chandelier to the bathroom to create a more regal, elegant look.
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Try White Accessories for a Clean Modern Feel

We talk about a variety of styles on our DesignSourceCT blog, and for those that appreciate a clean and modern feel, why not consider utilizing white accessories to pull the look together? Here are��some inspirational ways for using white accessories to make an impact in a room:

  • One of the most common places in the home to try out some white accessories is in the kitchen. Consider displaying white serving dishes and canisters to keep all of your baking items organized. By opting for functional white pieces, you not only are making the room's design more practical, but are also adding a clean dimension to the room.
  • We've shared some helpful tips for designing a productive home office, and since space is often limited in a work area, taking advantage of white storage containers and organizers can help to make the room feel less cluttered and clean.
  • White accessories are ideal for creating a focal point in a room, especially when paired against a colorful wall.
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Odd Window Shapes? Try These Coverings

Custom homes with unique architectural features have become very desirable as more people are developing an appreciation for originality. However, this can sometimes lead to some interior design challenges, particularly where window treatments are concerned. Look below for��some helpful tips for covering odd window shapes:

  • French Doors: While these doors are ideal for allowing plenty of natural light to enter a room, sometimes privacy is needed. An excellent solution for covering french doors is adding floor-to-ceiling drapery panels.
  • Arched Windows: An easy and affordable solution for covering these type of windows is installing a drapery rod above the windows and allowing the drapes to frame the windows. If you would prefer to use shutters, another option for arched windows is to have louvered shutters custom-made for a professional fit.
  • Sidelights: Draping fabric over your sidelights can create a very elegant look and is an effective way to offer privacy and block out sunlight when necessary. Wooden blinds are another attractive covering for this type of window, and it's ideal to unify the wood material used to cover the sidelights throughout the rest of the window coverings in the home.
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Wall Coverings to Attract the Eye

There are a variety of ways to create a focal point in a room, and something that works especially well is a wall covering. We've already talked about wallpaper and how introducing a graphic pattern to you wall is one of the hottest design trends of 2013. To help you think outside of the box, we wanted to share some inspirational wall coverings that are great alternatives to wallpaper:

  • Brick and/or glass walls can create a unique look in a room. Even if the home is not brick, introducing a faux brick wall to a room is a solution for integrating new color and texture into its design.
  • Artwork is an excellent way to create a focal point in a room, and it doesn't have the cover the entire wall space to get the job done.
  • If wallpaper seems to be too overwhelming, you can still introduce graphic patterns to a room by creating your own wall patterns. This may include displaying some flat boldly painted pottery in geometric patterns on the walls.
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Keep an Outdoor Space Comfortable With an Outdoor Rug

With one of the most desirable design trends of 2013 being to blend the indoor and outdoor entertainment spaces, we wanted to take a moment to touch on this subject. One of the best ways to make your outdoor space more cozy and comfortable to reflect your interior style is to incorporate an outdoor rug. There are��several ways that you can use a rug to spruce up your outdoor living space:

  • Use a rug to define your conversation area. This may happen to be where your outdoor couch and chairs are located, and a rug can be used to pull the look together.
  • A rug can help to create a focal point and add color. While traditional outdoor fabric may be more muted, using a rug to introduce some vibrant colors or a unique pattern can help to make an impact in the appearance of your outdoor space.
  • Warm up walkways with an outdoor rug. These areas are often ignored, and adding a runner along your walkway can help to not only make the space feel more comfortable by will offer another point of interest to your outdoor space.
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