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How to Pull Off Black in the Dining Room

Neutral colors seem to be increasing in popularity, especially when it comes to the dining room. However, if you have a client that is looking to make a bold statement, why not consider adding a dramatic color such as black to this entertaining space? If you're not sure about using black in the dining room, Houzz offers some inspirational ways that designers are successfully accomplishing this look:

Black in the dining room
  • While it may not be tasteful to paint the walls black from floor-to-ceiling, you could paint the section above the chair rail black while leaving the bottom portion white. This can create a very sophisticated look versus a dark cave.
  • If you're not crazy about black walls, why not consider black flooring? When this flooring color is paired with neutral colors, it creates a very rich look.
  • Another option to consider is a black accent wall, which is best used in a room that naturally gets plenty of light. Introducing pieces with glossy finishes can almost make the room sparkle.
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Mid-Century Modernizing Your House

Mid-century design is making a huge comeback as people have again developed an appreciation for sleek lines, geometric shapes, and bold colors. Perhaps this transition back to decor that was so prominent in the mid-1940s to 1970 can be attributed to the popularity of shows like Mad Men.

So what do people love so much about this design style? Well, a lot of the natural elements used in this style such as wood, glass, and metal can help to create a seamless flow between the indoor and outdoor entertaining spaces. While this style boasts organic and man-made materials, it still offers utter sophistication with its boldness. This era of design brought along so many household-name artists such as George Nelson and Eero, and many pieces by these artists are high sought after and often replicated today. Also, mid-century design is simple, and we're all striving for some more simplicity in our lives today. To learn more about this style, please contact us at DesignSourceCT.

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Make the Most out of Unusual Storage Spaces

[caption id="attachment_3050" align="alignright" width="249"]Source: Cultivate Source: Cultivate[/caption] One of the most desirable features on home seekers' wish lists is ample storage space. While some of the charming in-town bungalows offer character and history, they tend to lack large closets and extra storage space. If you have a client that is looking to make the most of his or her square footage, check out some of these unusual ideas for adding storage space to a home:

  • Under the Stairs: In many homes, this area is often underutilized; however, enlisting the help of a carpenter to custom build pull-out storage drawers under the stairs is a great way to tuck away items until they are needed.
  • Mud Rooms: As families are growing larger, this entry room is quickly gaining popularity again. Adding shelving, a window seat with a built-in storage compartment below, and hooks to hang items are all excellent ways to maximize the size and use-ability of this room.
  • Breakfast Nook: This is the ideal solution for smaller kitchens. Built-in seating with storage cabinets below increases places to tuck away dishes, pots, and pans.
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Tips for Designing a Narrow Kitchen

[caption id="attachment_3047" align="alignright" width="240"]Source: Women's Day Source: Women's Day[/caption] A kitchen layout is essentially the blue print of how the room will function, and understanding a room's design and ways to maximize the available square footage is essential. While the galley kitchens that are often featured in homes from the 1950s and 60s offer a timeless charm, their narrow design can sometimes create complaints from homeowners. If you are currently working with a narrow kitchen space, check out some of these design ideas courtesy of Woman's Day:

  • Don't be afraid to add a splash of color in unexpected places. For example, cabinet pullout drawers are an ideal solution for maximizing storage space in a narrow kitchen. For an unexpected pop of color to give the room more character, paint the drawer's shelving.
  • Use a little shimmer to illuminate the space. Light can help to create the illusion of a larger space, and adding some sparkly light fixtures to the room can help to update the kitchen while providing an additional light source.
  • Create a focal point. A great way to do this is to limit a busy backsplash to the walls of the cooking alcove.
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A Guide to Mediterranean Bathrooms

We often use our blog as an opportunity to discuss a variety of interior design styles, and one trend that is gaining popularity is the Mediterranean style. This style is heavily influenced by the coastal countries that span along the Mediterranean Sea, including Spain, Italy, and Turkey. The best way to describe the Mediterranean look is simple, yet elegant, making it the perfect style for a bathroom. HGTV shares some tips for designing a Mediterranean bathroom: [caption id="attachment_3045" align="aligncenter" width="554"]Source: HGTV Source: HGTV[/caption]

  • Tile: One of the most prominent characteristics of the Mediterranean style is the use of tile. This can range from a more traditional terracotta floor tile to an ornate mosaic used as a backsplash.
  • Bright Colors: Think of bright and sunny colors, such as yellows, oranges, and reds. This style also tends to incorporate blues and bright whites as well.
  • Arches: This is not limited to the doorway, but could include an arched mirror or furniture that embraces this shape.
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