Craftsman Style Touches for Your Home

If you take a drive around town to some of the newer developments, you will notice that the Craftsman style architecture is really making a comeback. This era of design dates back to 1901 to 1925 and placed emphasis on function while still using carefully selected materials for construction. We are seeing Craftsman style touches both inside and outside of the home these days, here’s how best to incorporate this style:

craftsman style home design
  • Simple, clean lines: When selecting accessories or considering the addition of architectural detailing for the home’s interior, make a point to steer clear of complicated, ornate pieces.
  • Lighting: The lighting fixtures used during the Craftsman period were very straightforward and designed with function in mind, so select chandeliers and fixtures that are in basic shapes (squares, rectangles, etc) and are made of glass, iron, or bronze.
  • Tiling: Handcrafted tiling is a signature of the Craftsman style, but keep in mind that the authentic tile from this period can cost a pretty penny. A more affordable way to achieve this look is to engage a local craftsman to attempt to replicate the tile.

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