Design Your Pantry to Include More Appliances

Source:��Nicole Lanteri, On My Agenda LLC��via Houzz

Nothing clutters up a kitchen faster than appliances that take up too much counter space. So where are people tucking away these much needed appliances when they’re not using them? The answer: the kitchen pantry.

The pantry is the ideal location to store away appliances as it hides them from view, but still makes them easily accessible when needed. Obviously, the size of the pantry will help dictate the number of appliances that can be stored in the space, and Houzz outlines some helpful points to consider when designing the perfect pantry for storage:

  • First, consider the size of the appliances that might be tucked away in the pantry. You can keep these dimensions in mind as you determine the sizes of the pantry shelves.
  • If you have a lot of pantry space to work with it would be wise to consider adding electrical outlets along the countertops or behind the shelf space, so that the heavier appliances could be used inside the pantry space.
  • Don’t forget to add task lighting under the cabinets to make it easier for items to be located in the pantry in a hurry.

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