Designing with Drapes


Source: Brimar

Window treatments can make a dramatic impact on a room’s overall design, so it’s important to first consider the look you are going for. All too often, the terms drapes and curtains are used synonymously, and there really is a difference between the two. For those looking to add weight and texture to a room, drapes are the ideal window treatment solution.

Houzz outlines some important factors to consider when designing with drapes:

Consider the color scheme of the room that you are working with. While drapes tend to be made of heavier materials, they can still help to introduce natural light to a room when needed. Also, in regard to the color that you choose for your drapes, you don’t need to be limited to just one. In fact, incorporating a ��two-toned striped pattern into your draperies can create a point of interest.

To achieve a more dramatic and perhaps modern look, opting for darker colored draperies can assist in accomplishing this look. Finding a way to incorporate mirrors into the room’s decor can further accentuate the contrast of colors, and prevent the room from feeling stuffy from heavy drapes.

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