Don’t Want to Oversaturate With Color? Just Add it to the Right Spot

We talk a lot about working with neutral colors on our DesignSourceCT blog; however, sometimes incorporating a pop of color is necessary to add some personality and create a focal point. If your client is interested in trying out some the 2013 color trends but doesn’t want to oversaturate with color, here are some ways that adding color to the right spot can make an impact without going overboard:

  • Accent colors do not need to be limited to walls. For those that are weary about trying a new bold color, consider accessorizing with an accent color or even creating a focal point in a room by painting the window frame.
  • Another great place to try out an accent color is the kitchen cabinetry. While your client may not necessarily want to paint all of the cabinets in an accent color, painting the cabinetry on an island can provide a nice compromise.
  • In the living room, upholstered furniture provides a great opportunity to introduce color and can help to tie other elements of the room together.

For more ways to incorporate a splash of color into a room or just interior design trends in general, please follow our DesignSourceCT blog!

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