Five Great Interior Design Colors

Homeowners often have a difficult time selecting the ideal paint colors for their home, and rightfully so, considering that they will probably be looking at their chosen colors on a daily basis for years to come. We have talked about some of the most stylish color trends of the year, and to offer further inspiration, here are five more great interior design colors to consider:

  • Gray: Gray has got to be one of the hottest color trends that we have seen throughout 2013, and this without a doubt will continue into 2014. Variations in this shade can either add a sense of drama or relaxation to a room.
  • Orange: While you may be skeptical to paint an entire room orange, this is a great choice for an accent wall to really warm up a space.
  • Yellow: Create a cheerful environment that instantly brightens up a room with yellow. Consider pairing this color with bright blues or grays.
  • Green: Create a smooth transition between indoor and outdoor entertaining spaces with green.
  • White: When used correctly with complimentary colors, white can make an incredibly striking statement.

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