How to Design an Office That Feels Like Home

Telecommuting is an opportunity that more companies are offering to their employees, and this can be a win-win situation for all parties involved. New home design trends often feature a home office that is tucked away from distractions, and we wanted to share some inspirational ways to create a home office that is high in function yet still “homey”:

home office design trends
  • While in a more corporate setting, file cabinets and storage areas tend to be a bland white, a home office allows people the opportunity to incorporate their favorite colors. Incorporating personality into the room can help to create a more pleasant working environment, and the employee may even feel more energized as well.
  • Consider adding an accessory or two that are not ordinarily part of an office, such as a chandelier or a cozy window seat.
  • Make the most of the natural light in the space. Not only can this help to make the space feel larger and less crammed, but the additional light can help to keep the employee focused on the task at hand.

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