How to Make Your Living Room Comforting

iiving room design

Source: DesignSourceCt

Aside from the kitchen, the living room is the heart of the home and the space where much entertaining and living is done. The trick is designing a space that is attractive, but still comfortable and relaxing for the family. Here are some interior design tips to consider for a casual living room:

  • To achieve a more classic look, consider working with calming coastal colors, and spare no expense when it comes to selecting comfortable seating. Upholstered furniture pieces with soft edges are ideal for this space.
  • To create an inviting atmosphere that will encourage family and guests to kick back and relax, throw pillows and blankets should be placed close to hand. Also, striped pillows tend to evoke a more casual setting.
  • For those that prefer a more formal style, you may want to consider incorporating a more casual piece of furniture such as a wooden coffee table with more orderly pieces. You can help tone down the look with some lighthearted pillows.

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