How to Pair Antiques with Contemporary Pieces

It is not uncommon to find a couple that have different ideas of what style means, especially when it comes to the choice between antiques or contemporary works. This same complication

Image via Shutterstock

Image via Shutterstock

can develop in a single individual as well. There is no denying the beauty, simplicity, and feeling of nostalgia that antiques can bring into the space when used for interior design. However, no one can deny the bold expression and clean lines that contemporary pieces offers either.

If you are riding the fence and find it difficult to choose between one or the other, you should know that you don’t have to.

We often take a working piece and over time improve on it, leading to contemporary items. You can easily gather together a series of objects that feature the same use, such as kitchen items or medical equipment and put them on display. You can keep using your antique quilt, by placing it in a convenient location such as the couch or over a bed.��Take a piece of antique furniture and jazz it up with a textured throw pillow, or reuse the dresser in the hallway. The options are limitless and they create fantastic combinations.

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