Inspirational Study Spaces for Children

childrens study
Source: ��Smithouse��via Houzz

A popular interior design dilemma that many homeowners are faced with is what to do with play rooms that their children have outgrown. One solution is to re-design this space into an inspirational study space to serve the needs of older children and teens. Houzz shares some critical elements to consider when designing study spaces for children:

  • Chalkboard paint is on the rise, and allowing one wall in the room to serve as a chalkboard can not only be useful when it comes to working out long-division math problems, but also can encourage creativity and provide a space for children to post and show off their latest art projects.
  • Storage for school supplies is essential in a study room, especially if more than one child will be utilizing in. Consider incorporating oversized shelving that can accommodate several baskets filled with study supplies to help keep everything in order.
  • When designing a study space, it’s critical that the area can be closed off from noise and distractions that may be happening around the rest of the house.

For more inspirational ways to create study spaces for children, please contact us at DesignSourceCT.

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