Lilly Pulitzer Collection Featured at Kravet’s Blog Fest 2011

During Kravet’s Blog Fest 2011, the Lilly Pulitzer Collection was featured. Presented by Kravet and Lee Jofa, Kravet’s Blog Fest 2011 was held in May in New York City. Kravet’s Blog Fest 2011 was a 3-day design event that was held especially for design bloggers.

At this special design event, the Lilly Pulitzer Collection, which had just recently been launched by Lee Jofa, was introduced on Day 2 of Blog Fest 2011. The new Lilly Pulitzer Collection is a beautiful, bright, and colorful design collection. The fun designs in this collection are great for the summer and very cheerful and vibrant!

Here are a few photos of the collection when it was featured at Kravet’s Blog Fest 2011, courtesy of Tobi’s Blog.

Here is a photo of the Lilly Pulitzer Collection featured in the Lee Jofa Showroom.

These bright and colorful Lilly Pulitzer fabrics are gorgeous and reminiscent of summertime!

Here is a picture of the Kravet team dressed in Lilly Pulitzer attire.

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