Looking for a Focal Point? Try One of These

Every well-designed room should have a focal point, but with so many possibilities to choose from, this is not always an easy task. For inspiration, here are several interior design trends that could be used as the focal point to build a room around:

  • Fireplace: A fireplace naturally creates a focal point in a room, and the way that you position your furniture can further enhance this point of interest. You may also want to consider incorporating the color of the materials used on the fireplace into other elements used in the room, such as fabrics and paint colors.
  • Artwork: Sometimes all you need is a perfectly positioned painting to create a point of interest in a room. When selecting artwork to serve this purpose, it’s important to consider both the size and tone of the piece. For example, bold pieces look good with neutral walls and furniture and vice versa.
  • View: For those that prefer a more minimalist, contemporary design, keep things simple and let the view do all the work. This is especially true for urban condos that feature floor to ceiling glass windows and great city views.

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