Nate Berkus Reveals Secret of His Success

In a recent interview with Oprah’s O Magazine, the incredibly successful Nate Berkus gave an insight into how he broke into the industry, what drives him to stay motivated and a basic overview of what he thinks it takes to excel in the interior design industry. ��For Connecticut interior designers, the advice the gave couldn’t be more heartening.

Nate Berkus Speaks on Interior Design

While extolling the influence that Oprah has had on his career, Berkus admits that he hasn’t always thought that design would be his ultimate path in life. ��While he did always feel an intense passion for design, he feels that the path “pulled him” down it rather than it being one he chose to travel.

Berkus talks about the challenges most interior design professionals face when first starting out, mainly just that: starting out. ��It’s so easy to get overwhelmed in the day-to-day running of the business that we often lose sight of the love for the job that initially drew us in. ��Berkus’s advice for those who find themselves struggling: keep plugging away at it.

As many successful Connecticut interior designers would agree, Berkus suggests that people “believe in themselves, trust their gut and never be afraid to delegate.”

As budding or professional Connecticut interior designers, what do you feel about Berkus’ advice? What do you think are the keys to succeeding in the interior design industry today? ��Tell us below; we want to hear from you!

Source: Forbes, wikimedia

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