Not Sold on Leather? A Few Accents Add a Lot of Cool

Leather trunk as coffee table

While leather may not be your client’s material of choice, it does offer some nice perks such as it being a sturdy and low-maintenance material. Leather also provides a great opportunity to introduce a new texture and some warmth into a room’s interior design scheme. For those that don’t want to go overboard with this material, here are some unique ways that you can tastefully accessorize with leather:

  • To dress up an upholstered couch, incorporate some leather throw pillows for a sophisticated accent. This is also a great way to pull together other elements in the room as well.
  • Old-fashioned trunks can function as a unique coffee table piece, and for one that may require some restoration, you can give it a little style by adding leather handles. This subtle touch of leather can work well with a wide variety of decorating styles.
  • For those that desire a more eclectic vibe in a room, a leather pouf can provide the perfect opportunity to blend this more contemporary piece with something more traditional. Plus, poufs can function as footrests or provide additional seating.

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