Odd Window Shapes? Try These Coverings

Custom homes with unique architectural features have become very desirable as more people are developing an appreciation for originality. However, this can sometimes lead to some interior design challenges, particularly where window treatments are concerned. Look below for��some helpful tips for covering odd window shapes:

  • French Doors: While these doors are ideal for allowing plenty of natural light to enter a room, sometimes privacy is needed. An excellent solution for covering french doors is adding floor-to-ceiling drapery panels.
  • Arched Windows: An easy and affordable solution for covering these type of windows is installing a drapery rod above the windows and allowing the drapes to frame the windows. If you would prefer to use shutters, another option for arched windows is to have louvered shutters custom-made for a professional fit.
  • Sidelights: Draping fabric over your sidelights can create a very elegant look and is an effective way to offer privacy and block out sunlight when necessary. Wooden blinds are another attractive covering for this type of window, and it’s ideal to unify the wood material used to cover the sidelights throughout the rest of the window coverings in the home.

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