Pantone’s Home + Interiors 2014 Trend Forecast

Pantone’s Home + Interiors 2014 Trend Forecast has released the latest color trends that are bound to cause excitement within the interior design community. Colors range from bright bold to soft

Image via Shutterstock.

Image via Shutterstock.

subtle hues mixed together in intriguing combinations.

Within the nine announced color palettes ��� Techno Color, Physicality, Sculpted Simplicity, Fluidity, Collage, Intimacy, Moda, Tribal Threads and Eccentricities ��� several include sultry shades of purple, a fresh inspiration for interior design next year.

Physicality ��� combines intense colors like Forged Iron, Satellite Gray, Antique Moss and Gothic Olive with softer shades like Very Grape, Lavender Herb, Rose Brown and Fog. This mixture of strong, energetic, invigorating hues mixed with mild, calming, healing hues create a striking balance.

Sculpted Simplicity ��� a combination of unassuming, sophisticated hues that create a stunning palette that will work in either a traditional or contemporary room. Muted cool tones of Silver, Etherea, Travertine and Blanc de Blanc blend easily with deeper tones of Anthracite, Grisaille, Twilight Mauve and Iron.

Moda ��� a theatrical, dramatic combination of bold colors like Red Dahlia, Blackberry Cordial, Wood Violet and Amber Green. Mixed with slightly less potent hues like Linden Green, Corsican Blue and Magenta Haze, this palette is definitely a show-stopper in any room.

At DesignSourceCT, we are inspired by these new Pantone color trends, and we’re sure they will inspire your upcoming design projects as well. Stop by and visit the showroom for the latest news and design trends forecast for next year.

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