Put Your Outdoor Furniture in Motion This Summer

image via LaneVenture

image via LaneVenture

This summer we have spent a lot of time talking about the latest trends in outdoor furniture, and one that we would be remiss not to mention is the popularity of motion chairs.

Lane Venture is a great resource if you are in search of a swivel chair or swivel glider. For over four decades, Lane Venture has offered high quality, casual home furnishings, and its addition of the WeatherMaster line has brought all that we’ve come to love about this company to the outdoor furniture arena.

These motion chairs have been tastefully designed to create the ultimate relaxation experience while keeping in mind the environments that the furniture will be placed in. The materials and fabric production take into account the potential weather conditions that the chair may be faced with, and with proper maintenance, WeatherMaster gliders and swivel chairs are built to live a long life.

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