Quality Furniture Offers the Best Value

Many homeowners are turned off by the perceived high prices of custom designed furniture, so much that many people gravitate towards more affordable furniture. This isn���t all that surprising. After all, many people cannot tell the difference between a cheaper priced piece of furniture and custom furniture. If they both serve the same function and the aesthetic value of one isn���t that much greater than the other, why not go with the cheaper piece? We���ll tell you why: you may be purchasing the more affordable piece of furniture, but you are not getting the best value.

There���s much more to custom furniture than just the price tag. The effort and the time that goes into the production of a custom piece of furniture is much greater than an affordable, mass-produced piece of furniture. This leads to a more durable piece of furniture that can last decades, or even longer. This may not persuade some, as the cheaper price convinces them more than the quality of the piece. However, in all reality, it���s only the rich that can afford the cheaper pieces of furniture. This is because cheaper furniture is built in a shoddy manner: plywood frames stapled together with interiors filled with foam rubber. When you purchase a piece of furniture like this, you���re going to have to replace it in a few years. In the long run, a custom piece of furniture will end up costing you less money.

hickory chair furniture

Customizable furniture by Hickory Chair

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Image: Hickory Chair

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