Simple Kitchen Touches

If you���re looking to give your kitchen a new look, a few simple touches might do the trick.�� DesignSourceCT has collected a few small ideas that will revamp your cooking space.�� One of the easiest ways to give a new vibe to your kitchen is a pottery collection.�� Make the pottery the colorful focal point by placing in an open space.�� We���ve chosen a few pieces with a splash of color and distinctive stripes.�� Another simple trick is to paint the pantry door with a fun, vibrant color.�� A bright pantry door will change the entire vibe of the kitchen and add individual style.���� You can also try a bold kitchen door color.�� Rather than simple white or natural wood, an illuminating color will add that much-needed departure from the typical, monochromatic color scheme.���� Tell us about some of your ideas to add simple touches to your kitchen on our Facebook page or just leave a comment below. We���d love to hear from you.

Colorful Pottery

Vibrant Pantry


Illuminated Kitchen Door

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