Swaim Furniture – Transitional to Contemporary

Swaim Furniture is located in High Point North Carolina and they have been producing quality custom pieces for over 50 years. Swaim is a client favorite because it is a company well known for their extensive custom capabilities. Also, many of Swaim’s designs fit into the category of “transitional” design which is popular look in design today. These pieces work beautifully in traditional homes, contemporary spaces and somewhere in between.

We wanted to share this photo from the Swaim Facebook page that shows a stunning upholstered headboard recently crafted in their production facility. The photo on the right side is during production and on the left is the finished product.�� Each tuft was pulled by hand creating a perfectly tailored headboard. It is such a pleasure to see this type of expert craftsmanship first hand.


Here are some more beautiful space featuring Swaim furniture:



Designers have you selected Swaim furniture for some of your projects? Leave a comment and let us know how you liked the final product.

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  • The gilded lily 5 years ago

    I am starting a project in Greenwich Ct and would like to register with swaim as a designer. Please advise.

  • Jeananne Hauswald 5 years ago

    My design firm, The Gilded Lily worked with a Florida company on a project. We used Swaim couches. I now have a project in act and would like to register with Swaim