The Beauty of Hand Painted Wallpaper

In previous years homeowners and designers have shied away from using wallpaper given the rumors floating around of them not being in style. The notion of wallpaper not being in style couldn’t be any further from the truth. Today’s selection of wallpapers is more diverse and creative than ever. Take hand painted wallpaper for example. Hand painted wallpaper is the epitome of having a unique interior design. The utmost thought and precision flow through each yard and no two designs are exactly alike whether in the same collection or not.

One of our favorite vendors of hand painted wallpaper is de Gournay. With each of their wallpaper designs de Gournay strives to produce a happy, vibrant and peaceful environment in your home that you will forever appreciate and admire. Their beautiful designs were recently featured on the good bones, great pieces blog by mother and daughter team Suzanne and Lauren McGrath who love wallpaper’s ability to transform a room.

Take a look the beauty of hand painted wallpaper…

Images from de Gournay

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