Tips for Hanging Your Currey & Co Chandelier

Paramour Chandelier by Currey & Co

If you’ve recently purchased a Currey & Company chandelier to hang up inside your dining room, you’re probably wondering how you should position and hang said chandelier. We thought we’d write a post sharing a few great tips with our readers.

When trying to figure out how low or high to position your chandelier, a rule of thumb to remember is to hang it 30″ above the surface of your dining room table. You should also remember that the critical measurement you’ll want to determine is how high above your table the bobeches (drip cups at the base of the candles) are. The reason this measurement is so critical is because the source of light is the most noticeable aspect of the chandelier.

Keeping this in mind, another rule of thumb to remember is that the bobeches need to be approximately 35″ to 38″ above your table (this depends on your preference). Our suggestion is 37″ because this height will place the bulbs at about eye level when you enter the room.

Another key thing to remember is that a minimum of 78″ of clearance should be planned for inside residential homes in which walk under traffic is intended. Do not forget that a ceiling canopy extends downward about 2″.

Also, remember that:

  • The height of the chandelier is measured from the highest point to the lowest point.
  • The diameter of the chandelier is measured from the outermost edge of the bobeches.
  • The standard dining table height is 29″.

Image courtesy of Currey & Company’s official website

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