Try White Accessories for a Clean Modern Feel

We talk about a variety of styles on our DesignSourceCT blog, and for those that appreciate a clean and modern feel, why not consider utilizing white accessories to pull the look together? Here are��some inspirational ways for using white accessories to make an impact in a room:

  • One of the most common places in the home to try out some white accessories is in the kitchen. Consider displaying white serving dishes and canisters to keep all of your baking items organized. By opting for functional white pieces, you not only are making the room’s design more practical, but are also adding a clean dimension to the room.
  • We’ve shared some helpful tips for designing a productive home office, and since space is often limited in a work area, taking advantage of white storage containers and organizers can help to make the room feel less cluttered and clean.
  • White accessories are ideal for creating a focal point in a room, especially when paired against a colorful wall.

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