At Feizy Rugs®, we believe that innovative design, rich texture and relentless attention to detail are not only the foundations for every great room, but are also the foundations of our business. As we look back on our many years in the home furnishings industry, we are proud to have preserved the legacy of a vanishing world, all the while making fresh advances and setting new trends with stylish and fashion–forward designs. 

We strive to stay at the vanguard of the industry not only with our award–winning designs, but also with our advances in customer service, technology and logistics. From our Shipping Clerks to our Designers, from our Accounting Staff to our Sales Team, from the Marketing Department to our Customer Service Representatives, each person within the Feizy fold has made our company and our products the successes that they are today. 

Another of our guiding principals is to be a responsible and giving member to our community by supporting various local, national and international organizations committed to making a positive impact and by making the world a healthier, cleaner place through our conservation and recycling efforts. 

For generations, our family has delivered high–quality rugs woven by masters of traditional design to the public. As our business grows, we pledge to continue our legacy of excellence and reverence for this ancient art’s pioneers while nurturing the progressive outlook for which we have become renowned.