From the early seventies to now, Winfield Thybony Design has enjoyed the reputation as one of the leading innovators and manufacturers of creative, elegant, sophisticated, and distinctive wallcoverings.

To keep pace with the outcry for unique, cutting edge, decorative wallcoverings, now more than ever before Winfield Thybony Design is creating wallcoverings which add comfort and luxury to your interiors, that have never before been seen.

Equally as important as producing these beautiful wallcoverings, is the emphasis of addressing our environment and today’s stringent fire codes. With this in mind, Winfield Thybony Design offers unique collections of 100% linen, silk, authentic wood veneer wallcoverings, and timeless collections of bamboo, cork, grasscloth, mica and sisal wallcoverings.

Winfield Thybony Design will continually strive to be simultaneously traditional and contemporary, eclectic yet classic, and continue to explore new horizons in design and color.