What You Need to Know About Working with an Interior Designer

It���s human�� nature to want to turn to an expert when we get stuck ��� stuck on how to rearrange a room, stuck on how to choose a color scheme or stuck on what kind of drapes to hang on a difficult window.

Interior designers can help you get ���unstuck��� in all of these ways, but they can also do so much more. After taking into account your tastes and lifestyle, an interior designer can plan and outfit your home so that the details are well coordinated, balanced and complementary of your home���s architecture. In other words, an interior designer focuses not only on the little picture, but also on the bigger picture of how all the elements of sound design function together while maximizing the space you have available.

Richard Ott, DesignSourceCT in-house designer

Richard Ott, DesignSourceCT in-house designer

Working with an interior designer can be the experience of a lifetime ��� if you���re ready to make the most of the experience by:

  • Ensuring that the designer can reflect your style, whether it���s traditional, French country or ���beach house casual.���
  • Involving the designer as early as possible in a remodeling or building project.
  • Collecting pictures, paint samples and fabric swatches of the looks you wish to achieve, especially if it���s difficult for you to verbalize your wishes.
  • Clarifying which items, if any, you can���t bear to part with; after all, most homeowners have them.

To unleash the creative potential of your home, call DesignSourceCT���s Designer-on-Call service. Together, we���ll take that design journey of a lifetime.

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